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Here’s Everything You Should Know about Leased Lines

What is a leased line?

It is a dedicated internet line that is responsible for managing both data and voice. It is rented by your business from an internet or phone service provider. It is mainly used for gaining high speed internet connection or act as a dedicated line between two buildings. Leased lines are always active; it makes sure that you are getting a high quality connection consistently. When you use a fiber technology, the bandwidth can be assured with no kind of speed drop off which is relative to the distance between the exchange and the end point. Before you invest in leased lines, you must visit to get detailed information.

Here are the more details you should know-

Why do you need it?

It is merely an internet connection you need when there are loads of fast and more cost effective alternatives available to you. Keep in mind that leased lines are not similar to an internet connection. Just similar to a pipe, leased lines also carry various formats of video, voice, and data traffic. A leased line that carries the latter entails web pages, emails, and video streaming. It also carries phone calls, VoIP, VPN, WAN, and LAN traffic. It is also used in complicated MPLS networks.

What are leased lines used for?

Leased lines are used for:

  1. Linking corporate offices to the internet
  2. Connecting local area networks, or many corporate offices together
  3. Linking PCs and servers in many locations
  4. Carrying voice and video calls
  5. Sharing IT resources and carry data between websites
  6. Enabling remote connections to head office PC

Does your business really need one?

To invest in leased lines, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is your business internet critical?
  2. Do you need to link geographically distant or remote offices?
  3. Would losing internet connection be detrimental of nature to your business?
  4. Is fast and reliable data exchange important to your business?

If you answered is ‘yes’ to these questions, then it is worth discovering the advantages of a leased line before taking the plunge.

Advantages of leased lines

  1. Reliability

If your business is dependent on the internet, a mere broadband is just not enough. You need a reliable internet connection which is consistent at all times. A leased line gives your business with a dedicated line with zero contentions from other parties. You don’t have to be concerned about FUP and you can use as much data as you want for the monthly fee you pay. And a drop in your internet connection is also least of your concern as it is dedicated your business and performance is maintained 24/7.

  1. Better support

If the connection goes down, your business has to suffer all the damage. Hence, a leased line comes with an SLA or Service Level Agreement that ensures that the major connectivity issues are addressed ASAP and efficiently.

  1. Security

A leased line is also called DIA or dedicated internet access line as it is dedicated exclusively for two locations it is linking. Integrated with proper router and firewall settings, a DIA line eliminates the security risks because not being a shared service as with the DSL circuits.

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