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How To Choose The Best Website Builder? Check Here!

Even a few years back, most people had no choice but to get a web developer on board for creating and launching a website. Today, with website builders like Wix, Weebly and GoDaddy, designing a new site doesn’t have to be complicated. A website builder offers all the tools and features that are required to put a website together, and most of these function in a similar way, although the offerings and features can vary. This brings us to the question – How to select the best website builder? Here’s an easy guide.

Ease of use

When we talk of website builders, we basically want something that can create a website, but without the fuss of coding. A good website builder should be super easy to use, even for those who have little or no clue of how programming is done. Some of the advanced builders are extremely coder-friendly, as well, allowing options like custom coding.

Templates, features and elements

For the uninitiated, using a website builder starts with signing up for the service, following which one can choose the template and add elements, as required. Now, not all website builders are the same in this context. Some like Weebly allow you to change templates without losing content, but others like Wix lock that option as a paid upgrade. On the other hand, Wix has more features, templates and options, compared to Weebly and some of the other website builders. The idea is to select an option that’s more versatile and doesn’t require you to pay for every single thing you need for the website.


Eventually, a lot of small businesses and prospective website owners opt for website builders because of the price. The cost of using these platforms should be affordable, compared to what would be otherwise paid to a developer. Costing is one of the important aspects of selecting a builder, and you need to be sure that you will enough control on the website, even when you have opted for a free plan.


This is one aspect that many people often miss out. It is necessary to find a website builder that doesn’t only offer the best features and a good number of templates but is also great at offering assistance. Some website builders offer live chat support and phone support, which can be really useful, especially for newbies who have no clue as how to design a website.

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