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In-Game Use and Transfer of RuneScape Gold


There are many ways to use RuneScape Gold, you can convert them into real-world cash, and can sell it. In case, you need a particular item in the inventory or can invest RS gold on items you need to buy. The possibilities of RuneScape Gold are limitless you can Buy RS gold to make use of it in the game. We have provided some of the ways of using RS gold.

Buy Bonds

One of the ways of using RuneScape Gold is on buying bonds. The bonds in the Runescape are such as golden tickets to the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka’s. The bonds will give you access to many amazing features to your membership access, and those are not available for all.

Sell Them

To get the real time cash, sell the RS gold that you got in the game to convert it into real time cash. There are websites that will buy RS gold in-return you will get real time cash. You have to look for the legitimate and reliable website for selling transactions.

Improve Skills

In the world of RuneScape game, you have to spend RS gold to grow and improve your skills. You can reach the next levels and can get the required things on spending RS gold.

Transfer RS Gold

Most of the people have doubt whether it is possible to transfer RS gold to other accounts. Without any help from the third party requirement, you can transfer your RuneScape Gold from one account to the other with ease. You can do it yourself by following our steps and guidance without the help of others.

There is a myth that you require two computers with both accounts logged in to transfer the RS gold. This is an absolutely false statement there is no such requirement to transfer RS gold from one account to the other. You can transfer the RS gold of the RuneScape in the system or OSRS mobile game with the access to the one account that has the RS gold. We have provided you with the below steps to transfer OSRS gold or RuneScape gold without any problem.

  • Open the RuneScape clients and set up two worlds name as similar like World 302
  • Login with the use of username and password for each and make it ready.
  • Now, you use the enter button to log in to the first client and use mouse click on the login for the second client.
  • You have to enter the mouse click and enter button from the keyboard at the same time almost the same or one second gap.
  • Here, in this way you can transfer the RuneScape gold from one account to the other.

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