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Innovative Features With The New Versions Of Windows 10 From Microsoft!

Microsoft has earned its name in the hall of fame for its brilliant designing of the operating systems. Since the inception of the computer era, Microsoft operating system has remained as a tool to new ventures and businesses.

So when Windows 10 came into limelight, the focus was on what new could be done with the gadgets like Laptop and smartphones. Brilliantly so, Microsoft did not fail to amaze the users with its innovations. When one is to buy windows product key they sign in for a new technology and advanced use for their world!


Say hello to your first desktop virtual assistant – Cortana. Windows has launched its own virtual assistant to help professionals keep working with fluency. Unlike the smartphone assistants and home devices, this one aids in the laptops and PCs making it easier to multi task. One can order to make a search on the browser, change some settings, plays music, opening up a file and many more tasks to the assistant to have their own office in a system!


With the new Windows 10 comes a new web browser – Spartan. Incorporating the WDAG technology and the best of Edge usage, the Spartan brings a rather safe and secured internet browsing experience. With Spartan there is possibility to use applications like AdBlock, PassLock and more to prevent unwanted downloads, web pages etc. Benefit? Your cache memory always remains safe!


With the Windows 10 Pro version comes a set of extra features. The prominent amongst the ones is the Bitlocker technology which has professionals run for the system already. Bitlocker technology works in close proximity to blockchain and thus provides for safety of files and folders. Users can save their important files in encrypted format to save from unauthorized access and potential hackers. This delightfully is the most highly rated feature for the business people!

Remote access control

With Windows 10 people can use two systems at a time. One person can work on two desktops and switch between them in just a click. And this is not just for a desktop that is lying next to your system but anywhere in the world. The remote access control allows a person work globally through offices and aid in efficiency of work.

Windows 10 has quite innovatively recreated its name in the technology industry. The added special applications, tools, and quality usage are another perks the users shall experience with the system.

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