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Should You Consider Windows 10 Pro? Here’s An Overview!

Windows 8.1 was underwhelming for most users, so when Microsoft came up with Windows 10, expectations were high. Windows 10 was launched in 2015 in three different versions – Home, Pro, and Pro for Workstations. While Home is intended for noncommercial use, Pro is meant for small businesses. For using both, you have to use a key for activation. A Windows 10 Pro key can be used for Pro version only, and vice versa. This brings us to the question – Should you consider updating to Windows 10 Pro? We have a quick review for your help.

The need for Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft promises that Pro version of Windows 10 will serve the needs of small businesses and working professionals. It basically offers more in terms of Security, Management and Deployment, and Windows Update, with extra Fundamentals. For power users and those who want to use Windows for business, the Pro version is definitely better and worth the extra money spent. However, if you think of the desktop experience, both Home and Pro versions feel the same.

What’s more?

Windows 10 Professional brings the power of Remote Desktop Connections, which means that the desktop can be controlled and checked remotely, so you can get assistance and technical support from a remote location, if needed. The Pro version also offers what’s called BitLocker for extra security. The feature can encrypt files, which are added to an already encrypted drive, and in case you want to use BitLocker, you must use a password. A recovery key offers access to the work, if the password is lost. Windows 10 Pro also features what’s called the “Hyper-V feature”, which allows many OS to be used on the same system. You also get a Windows store for Business, for special apps and add-ons, while other new features offered include Windows update for business, Assigned Access and Trusted Boot.

Should you shift to Windows 10 Professional?

We recommend that you consider your usage and needs before thinking of the move. Windows 10 Professional does cost more than the Home version, but for businesses and power users, paying for the extra things does make sense. It is also a good idea to review the varied extras in terms of usage and benefits in the long run.

The Home version of Windows 10 is not inadequate, but if security and more features are things you seek, Windows 10 Professional might be a worthy alternative.

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